Entering University in the Czech Republic

Entering University in the Czech Republic

In order to study at any higher education establishment in the Czech Republic you need to prove that you successfully completed secondary school.

For international students the secondary school leaving certificate from their home countries will usually be acceptable as proof of higher education entrance qualification in the country. They may also have to have it validated by regional school authorities.

Studying conditions for foreigners

Foreign students study at tertiary schools under the same conditions as Czech citizens. They do not have to pay tuition fees and get the same benefits as Czech students. However, they are expected to study in Czech. If foreign students wish to study in any language other than Czech they have to pay tuition fees. There are basic one year Czech classes to prepare students for their studies.

Entering University in Czech RepublicIf students are unable to pay for their studies and living expenses, they can try to apply to some of the scholarship programs.

Check whether your foreign diploma is recognised in the country

If foreign student already has a degree in another country and want to study in a postgraduate program, he has to check with the educational establishment he is applying for to see if they will accept the diploma. It is also noteworthy that everybody who wants to study in the Czech Republic has to provide a health insurance certificate.

Artistic study programs may be attended by applicants having completed the higher vocational education provided at conservatories and, as an exception, applicants not having completed the full secondary, secondary vocational or higher vocational education.

Admission procedure

Admissions proceedings will take place on dates determined by the school and the students will be examined in subjects related to the selected field of study. Once notified of the decision approving admission, the applicant becomes entitled for registration with the school. Upon registration the applicant becomes a student and acquires the right to an ISIC card and other advantages.

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