Parking and parking systems in the Czech Republic

Parking and parking systems in the Czech Republic
The increase in numbers of motor vehicles in urban areas of Czech Republic is making city traffic more complicated. The parking scheme in each town is individual and every one of them is tackling the problem itself by issuing laws and regulations.

Parking schemes

If you are planning to visit larger towns of the Czech Republic by car or renting one, it is wise to check in advance which scheme has been implemented. Usually you can find such information on the town’s official website or at the tourist information center. Also it is important to read the information signs which inform you if it is possible to park in a specific place and how long you can park for. If you do not follow these instructions you may find that your car has been towed away or that you have to pay a large fine for prohibited parking.

What to do if your car has been towed away?

If your vehicle has been towed away, you should always contact the local police by dialing 158 or the municipal police by dialing 156. They will inform you whether your car is registered as being towed or not.

Restricted parking usually applies in larger towns. Drivers are required to park only in reserved parks which are equipped with parking ticket machines. Some towns have even implemented parking systems using sms messages for payment.

Parking system in Prague

In Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic, there is the most elaborate parking system in the country. Prague is the only city to use P+ R (Park & Ride) type car parks, which are established on the edges of the city right next to municipal public transport stations. One day of parking here costs 10 crowns.

The Capital City has implemented a restricted parking system known as paid parking zones. Areas intended expressly for residents and parking for other visitors are strictly defined. Parking zones are identified by a colored line on an additional panel below a traffic sign identifying a parking area.

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