Zlin region

Zlin region

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Zlin region is located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The region covers a total area of 3 964 sq. km making it the fourth smallest in the Czech Republic. Zlin is famous for a long tradition of wine-making.


The area is rich in history, architectural treasures, folk traditions, pleasant climate and great wine. The mild weather of the region provides rich crops of delicious grapes. There are lots of types of grapes which are grown here such as Riesling grown around Mikulov and Palava Hills, Frankovka around Velke Pavlovice and Sauvignon variety in Znojmo.

Educational institutions

There is a number of high quality educational institutions in Zlin. One of the most notable is Thomas Bata University which offers specialized education in the following faculties: Technology, Management and Economics, Multimedia Communications and informatics. The university places great emphasis on combining its own activities, particularly science and research in the industrial sphere.


The Zlin region has numerous attractions including mountains, spas, wine destinations and a range of religious landmarks and historically important structures as well as many examples of modern functionalist architecture. Mounting tourists are attracted to the Vsetin area of the region where they can find the most mountainous and forested places. In addition there is a number of preserved peasant cabins concentrated in the amazing Walachian outdoor museum in Roznov pod Radhostem.


In Kromeritz you will find famous Podzamecka and Kvetna gardens and the magnificence of the archbishop’s chateau. The exceptional nature of these places was the reason that Kromeritz was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1998.


Luhacovice is a picturesque spa town of the Zlin region which is definitely worth to be visited. Built in the distinctive folk style according to the plans of Dusan Jurkovic, the town annually attracts more than twenty thousand visitors. Due to its full spectrum of cultural activities and range of cozy cafes and restaurants Luhacovice is very popular among tourists.


Location: Eastern part of the Czech Republic

Hotels: Hotel La Fresca, Wellness Hotel Horal, Hotel Troyer

Sights: Archbishop’s Chateau and Gardens, Wallachian Open Air Museum, Stramberk Castle

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