Cost of living in the Czech Republic

Cost of living in the Czech Republic
The cost of living in the Czech Republic is low compared to other countries in Europe.

The capital of the Czech Republic – Prague is also inexpensive when compared to most other European capitals. The only expensive things in the country are entertainment, healthcare and clothing.


Accommodation costs in the Czech Republic are average compared to the rest of Europe. Utilities prices are also averagely priced. The Czech housing market is oversupplied due to the many luxury properties built before the global financial crisis to accommodate the many expats in the Czech Republic. So, there is a possibility now to find a quality accommodation at a reasonable price. Prague however has the highest concentration of expats in the country and therefore accommodation is more expensive here.

Urban transport

Urban transport is not very expensive and there is a variety of passes available for the public transport system in the Czech Republic. A 24-hour pass costs about 110 CZK, three-day pass is 310 CZK and one-month pass is 550 CZK. So if you are visiting a country for one month you can get an excellent value for money if you buy a monthly pass and use public transport regularly. Taxis in Czech Republic can be very expensive and for journey from airport to Prague city you may pay around 500 CZK.

Public education

Public education in the country is inexpensive but due to language barrier most expats send their children to private or international schools which can be very expensive. The average annual tuition for a private school is about 190,000 CZK.


Clothing is one of the few things that is expensive in the Czech Republic. A pair of the men’s jeans costs about 1,900 CZK and the woman’s summer dress costs about 850 CZK. It is a good idea to take advantage of the many vintage clothing stores in Prague where you might be able to find good quality clothing at a more affordable price.

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