Czech holiday superstitions 2016

Czech holiday superstitions 2016

Czechs have many superstitions that can be observed around holiday season.

Superstitions in the Czech Republic

Many of superstitions come from the times when everyone had farms and lived in a village. But no matter how old these superstitions are they are still applied. The following customs may bring you good luck, bad luck, predict marriage or death and ensure a good, rich and healthy New Year.

  • Love letter writing. You mustn’t write a love letter on Christmas day as it could mean that you will break up.
  • Rifle shooting. If you shoot a rifle into direction of the moon on Christmas day, it will bring you luck.
  • Field crossing. You should not walk across a field between Christmas dinner and midnight. If the person breaks this custom he will die within a year.
  • Laundry washing. You should not do the laundry on Christmas day as it brings sadness and bad luck to the household.
  • Apple-Peel throwing. If a girl peels an apple and throws it over her head, whichever letter the peel will look like will be the first letter of her future husband’s name.
  • Poultry serving. Poultry should not be served on New Year’s Day as it could make all the luck fly away.
  • Water bowl freezing. You should put a bowl of water by the window and if the water freezes and the bowl breaks, water will be lost from the well that year.
  • Carp fin collecting. You should put coins or carp fins to symbolize that there will be enough money for the family rest of the year. To increase your chances at financial luck, it is also customary to put the carp fins in one’s wallet and keep them there all year.
  • Debt owing. On Christmas day you should not have any debt as you will summon grinding poverty.

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