Detenice Castle

Detenice Castle


Baroque Detenice Castle is an important cultural monument. It is a three-stored building with a four-story tower and a portico. The original fortress was first mentioned in 1404. By the end of the 16th century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by the Krinecky family from Ronov. When Detenice Castle was bought by Jan Kristian, Count Clam-Gallas, it was renovated in the late Baroque style. During the period of 1762-65 Zacharias Fiegert, architect, designed the present look of the building. Later, during the repair work for the Maltese Knights just minor changes were made.

What to expect?

At present, the chateau offers well-preserved Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque frescos, wall paintings and rococo and classicist stucco decorations. In addition, there is a gallery with a rich collection of paintings, armory and trophies.

The Detenice Chateau is a place where historic programmes, rococo balls and medieval feasts take place. In the park  you can come across well-preserved sculptures from the period of Baroque.

Amazing architecture

At first sight this castle’s most striking features are its brilliant red façade and the refined beauty of its late Baroque architecture. Detenice Castle offers 14 fully furnished rooms with secco and fresco wall paintings as well as Baroque and Rococo stuccos. The château interior is based on materials found in archives, dating mainly from the 18th century.

The entrance hall houses unique collections of weapons of the Knights of Malta including approximately 350 pieces of weaponry dating from the Thirty Years’ War featuring unique ship canons from the momentous battle of the island of Rhodes of 1522. The château also houses a large collection of hunting trophies. After the tour, you can have a stroll in the Castle Park where you can find ancient and unique tree species.


Location: Zamek Detenice, Detenice 507 24

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