South Bohemia

South Bohemia

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South Bohemia is a unique region rich in architecture and culture. Visitors will be impressed with countless number of historical monuments which document the eventful history of this region: age-old towns full of life and culture, grand Gothic churches, stunning Renaissance castles, medieval monasteries, unique folk architecture and beautiful pond systems.

The region has remained untouched by major modern industry, preserved until now in a condition very similar to the created by previous generations. The number of natural reservations established in the region can confirm the quality of landscape.

South Bohemia has the lowest population density of all regions in the Czech Republic, though it has several significant urban centers. The heart of the area lies in the basin where the Vltava and Malse rivers meet in the region’s capital, Ceske Budejovice (population 100,000). This area is surrounded mainly by mountains, hills and forests. The area’s natural and cultural heritage makes it a very attractive tourist destination.

Leisure activities

The South Bohemia region is a popular tourist destination and has wonderful facilities for leisure activities. The region is becoming a very significant recreational and tourist area, as the region’s tourism industry is rapidly developing. Lipno Resort is suitable for wind-surfing and sailing, while the Vltava River is famous for canoeing and the Trebon basin for fishing. In winter, the Sumava Mountains offer ideal conditions for cross-country and downhill skiing, as well as cycling. The region has seven golf courses including an eighteen-hole course in Nova Bystrice. You can play tennis and squash or enjoy a few frames of bowling, relax in spas and swimming pools or ride a horse in the countryside. The region has a folk character and rare architectural monuments. The village of Holasovice and the picturesque town of Cesky Krumlov with its magnificent castle are UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Location: Bohemia

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Sights:  Historic Center of Cesky Krumlov, Cesky Krumlov Castle, The Castle Garden

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