Urban transport

Urban transport
Travelling in the Czech Republic is easy and cheap. You can reach even the smallest village in the country by train or bus. There are very good bus connections between main Czech towns.

The Czech Republic has one of the densest railways networks in Europe but to some destinations you can get faster and with fewer transfers by urban transport.

Czech railways

The Czech railways network is very good and has frequent connections. It provides service to almost every part of the country. The coach comfort ranges from the communist era to very comfortable modern trains.


There are various kinds of discounts available. If travelling in a group, you can get a ticket for a cheaper price. You may form a group with two persons and more. To get a discount, it is also convenient to buy a return ticket with 24 hour validity.

Bus and trams

Bus or tram stops are clearly marked and you can find the schedules of the respective lines there. Every Czech town has their own public transport company with web pages for any inquiries. There is also a single internet timetable where you can search for any transport connection (urban, national or international). Be sure you spell the names of Czech towns correctly in Czech or you will not find your destination.

Bus (autobus) and tram (tramvaj) services are available during the day and at night. The operation time is from around 5 AM to midnight. The trams usually operate at town’s centers and the places of the town which are not reached by buses.

In buses, you either insert coins into a yellow box or you validate your ticket (jízdenka) in a yellow machine, both at the bus entrance. In a tram, you always validate your ticket in the yellow machines. You can buy a ticket in a newspaper stand (trafika) or get it from the ticket vending machines at a bus or tram stop. Public transport tickets must be purchased before travelling. If you forget to validate your ticket, you will be fined on the spot by the ticket inspector.

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