Czech degrees

Czech degrees

All higher education institutions in the Czech Republic including polytechnics as well as public and private universities, offer Bachelor and Master programs. Doctoral programs are only offered by universities.

Bachelor programs

Bachelor programs in the Czech Republic usually take three years, in some cases it can be four. Studies are completed with a bachelor’s thesis and a state exam. If the student passes, Bachelor degree (Bc.) or Bachelor of Arts (BcA.) is awarded.

Master’s program

A Czech Master’s program takes between four and six years if not based on a Bachelor degree. It usually takes two years and besides the general overview of a subject a certain grade of specialization is achieved. The program is finished with a state exam and the defense of the diploma thesis. Some fields of study such as medicine and law require more than one state exam.

Doctoral degree

A doctoral degree is the highest possible degree in Czech Republic. The admission requirement for the three to four year doctoral program is a Master’s degree. During the course of your studies you will have to do a lot of scientific research, independent studies and also publish your work. After the defense of your dissertation and the passing of the state doctoral examination you will be awarded the title Doctor (Ph.D.).

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs in Czech Republic are offered only by private schools. They are focused on problems arising in business situations. The quality of MBA programs is very high and the participants benefit from each other’s practical experience. In 1998, the Czech MBA Schools Association was established guaranteeing the quality of Czech MBA programs. Private schools offering MBA programs include the Prague International Business School, the Institute for Industrial and Financial Management and the US Business School Praha.

Within the European Union academic titles are mutually accepted. If degree programs and titles differ between countries, the length and content are taken into consideration and a comparable academic title in the other country is recognized.

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