Household insurance

Household insurance

It is recommended to have household contents insurance although it is not obligatory.

If you live in a rented accommodation your landlord will be responsible for the security of the building. However, you will have to protect your personal belongings yourself.

Taking out insurance

It is very easy to arrange insurance with a Czech or international company in the Czech Republic. You can visit a local office personally to make an arrangement through a reputable agent. Almost all companies have English speaking staff willing to help you with the application. The insurance fee of around 50 euros a year is paid annually.

Take precautions

Although it is easy to get insurance protection, it might sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to claim from the insurer. So, it is important to stick to some basic rules to avoid needing the insurance in the first place. When you move into your new apartment make sure you install some extra locks for protection. Since the regular locks for the apartments have probably never been changed there are many people that might still have access.

If you have any expensive equipment in your apartment make sure it cannot be seen from outside your flat. You don’t want to attract anyone by showing them the valuables you have in your flat. If you live on the ground floor installing iron bars in front of your windows is recommended.

As with health insurance, if you are working for an international organization or company it may take care of all the arrangements for you. It is also perfectly possible to arrange insurance with Czech firms or international companies based here.

It is noteworthy that you will probably need to have at least long-term residence to take out cover. Cover can be arranged quite easily through Czech insurance agencies up to various levels with additional provision for separate items such as computers.

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