Czech sweets

Czech sweets

There are lots of kinds of sweet dishes in the Czech Republic which are characteristic feature of Czech cuisine.

Here are some of the most famous Czech desserts.

  • Trdelnik. This is one of the most common pastries to find on Prague’s streets. It is made from rolled dough and then grilled on a stick and coated with both sugar and one of the selected toppings. The dough itself isn’t actually all that sweet, but the outside has a really lovely, caramelized richness and aromas of burnt sugar.
  • Fruit dumplings. Listed among typical national dishes, sweet dumplings are prepared from a variety of dough’s, including raised dough, semolina dough, potato dough and cottage cheese dough. They are stuffed with fresh or canned fruit, sometimes also with some preserve or plum-jam. Sweet dumplings are served sprinkled with melted butter and powdered sugar, cinnamon, grated cottage cheese or ground poppy seeds, or less typically, ground walnuts.Czech sweets
  • Potato cones. These are small rolls made from potato dough and stuffed with thick fruit jam which is served with ground poppy seeds and browned bread crumbs.
  • Yeast buns, muffins and tarts. These are small pieces of raised dough stuffed with sweet cottage cheese, ground poppy seeds, plum-jam or another special regional filling and baked in the oven. Yeast buns are usually sprinkled with powdered sugar.
  • Strudl. This is a traditional Czech dessert made from very elastic and paper thin dough being wrapped in many layers around the filling. The apple strudl is stuffed with both apples and raisings.
  • Makovy kolacek. This is a Czech pastry which is also known as kolach. The dough is pleasantly sour yeast-based dough, and the filling is made of sweet poppy seed paste. An almond powder is sprinkled over the top.
  • Medovnik. This is a honey cake which is very popular in Prague. It has a rather dry, almost savory crumb with very sweet, honey flavored icing between each layer. It has a very unique, pronounced flavor of honey but also a slight flavor of caramel.

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