How to become a Czech citizen?

How to become a Czech citizen?
Getting Czech citizenship is usually only possible for direct descendants of Czech nationals. Being born in the Czech Republic is not necessarily a guarantee for acquiring citizenship.

Citizenship law in the Czech Republic is very complicated. In order to become a Czech citizen you need to have at least one parent who is a Czech citizen or who holds a Residency Permit. If this is not the case, you may apply for naturalization, under the following conditions.

  • You must have held a Residency Permit for at least five years and have spent most of that time in the Czech Republic.
  • You should prove that you are going to give up your current citizenship.
  • You should also prove that you are proficient in the Czech language which can be done by an interview at the local application office.
  • You must provide a criminal history record stating that there has not been a sentence for any criminal act within the last five years.

The application has to be filed at a local office of the Ministry of the Interior in the Czech Republic.

Special rules apply for the cases listed below. They will also have to lose their current citizenship, prove their proficiency of Czech and provide a clean criminal history. However, they don’t need to have a Residency Permit. These cases include people

  • born in the Czech Republic
  • who have lived in the country for at least 10 years, without interruption
  • adopted by a Czech national
  • who have been a Czech citizen before
  • who have Czech children
  • who have at least one Czech parent
  • officially acknowledged as refuges in the Czech Republic.

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