Krizik Fountain

Krizik Fountain


Unique Krizik Fountain was built in 1891 for the occasion of the Jubilee Exhibition near Prague’s trade fair area, behind the well-known historical metal building. Its lighting was created by the Czech inventor, Frantisek Krizik, from whom it took its name. The fountain was restored in 1990 and is now operated during the summer months for evening shows with modern or classical music or ballets. There is a big amphitheatre that can easily accommodate 6,000 visitors. The Krizik Fountain works using 3,000 incredible water jets, 50 water pumps and 1,200 lights of all colors hidden underneath its big water basin.

What to expect?

You will see incredible water show, the lighting effects and the wonderful music all combined in a charming and intriguing show. You will experience unforgettable moments with the best musical and movie melodies or with Dvorak’s, Smetana’s and Vivaldi’s music. The weekly program often features Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake and Carmen and even Metallica. Wonderful dancers perform on the huge stage directly in the centre of the great fountain.

During the construction of the amazing fountain Krizik used 26 arc lamps which were his invention. Spurting water was forced via an electrical engine up to several meters high, and strong light sources located under the water surface illuminated it from below, with colored filters rotating in front of the lights. The fountain was controlled by a single pump, which in addition controlled other fountains in the surroundings as well. The changing color of the white-water against the dark sky evoked vibrant impressions. Krizik Fountain was well known throughout Europe. During the World War II, the original pool was changed to a fire tank, and over time the entire premises got waterlogged and the building was in emergency.


Location: Vystaviste Fairgrounds | U Výstaviště LDS 1/20, Prague 170 05

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Nearby sights: Old Town (Stare Mesto), St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle

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Tel.: +420 220 103 280

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