Observation towers in the Czech Republic

Observation towers in the Czech Republic

By choosing observation towers and lookout points as your destination in Czech Republic you will be rewarded by breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Here is a list of some of the most famous observation towers in the country.

  • Petrin Tower. Petrin Tower is very similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and is very famous. The core structure is an octagonal tube, in which an elevator is located, and around it thereare two spiral staircases with 299 stairs – one for walking up and the other for walking down. The tower is 63.5 m tall and has two observation.


Location: Petrin Hill Park, Prague 11000

Nearby sights: Strahov Monastery, Museum of Miniatures, Stefanik Observatory

Nearby hotels:  Lindner Hotel Prague Castle, Hotel U Krale Karla, Hotel Questenberk

  • Krasenska Observation Tower. This is the most beautiful observation tower in the Czech Republic. A 25 meter high stone observation tower is located south of the town of Krasno on Krasen Peak. Thanks to its unusual staircase spiraling upwards along the perimeter to the top platform, it regularly ranks at the top of competitions for theloveliest Czech observation tower. It was created during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The ground floor offers a small room that can serve as a shelter from the rain, and a tour of the Mining Museum awaits you in nearby Krásno.


Location: Krasno Village on Krásenský Hill

Nearby sights: Mining Museum

Nearby hotels: Penzion Apartmány Bečov, Hradní Bašta, Pension st. Maur

  • Stepanka Lookout Tower. Located in the Jizera Mountains the tower offers breathtaking views. This is the oldest lookout point in the Czech Republic. Stepanka Tower is a popular stop for cyclists and hikers. It sits on Hvezda Peak at an altitude of 958 meters.


Location: Jizera Mountains

Nearby sights: Hvezda Peak, Jizera Mountains, Vertical Park

Nearby hotels: Hotel U Jezírka, Wellness Penzion U Muzea, Pytloun Design Hotel

  • Klet lookout tower. This viewing tower called Josef’s Tower stands at the top of Mount Klet. Near the tower there is a mountain refuge and an observatory. When the weather is clear from the top of the tower you will be able to see a large part of Sumava and some peaks in the Alps.


Location: Mount Klet

Nearby sights: Zlata Koruna, Sumava

Nearby hotels: Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Dvorak, Hotel Ruze

  • Zizkov Tower. The tower is one of the dominant features and the highest building in Prague and the highest observation deck in the Czech Republic. 216 m high tower was built between 1985 and 1992 and later reconstructed in 2012.


Location: Mahlerovy Sady 1, Prague 13000

Nearby sights: Olsanske Cemeteries, The Naked Tour Guide, Mysterium Tour Prague

Nearby hotels: City Lounge Hotel, Theatrino, City Lounge Crown

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