Land registration in the Czech Republic

Land registration in the Czech Republic

On receipt a Land Registry Office declaration.

Obtaining Land Registry Office Declaration

If you are buying a residential property in the Czech Republic, the first thing you should do is to obtain a Land Registry Office declaration. It should be done to ensure that the person who is selling the property to you is the legal owner. Only the legal owner has the right to sell the property. The declaration also shows whether there are any loans on the house which can be passed on to the new owner.  Sometimes, ownership issues take years to solve and you might end up buying a property that is never legally yours.

Next you need to check the status of the property. If you want to build on it you need a construction license. When buying a house you should check that there is a habitation certificate allowing you to actually live there.

Obtaining full statement

Land registration in the Czech RepublicIn order to obtain a full statement you should visit the nearest Czech POINT which can be found at most post offices. The statement costs 100 CZK and the applicant has to provide proof of ID, the land register area, ownership document (LV) number, land plot number and the building registration number or housing unit number. It is noteworthy that any notary can do this without showing ID as this is public information.

If you want to receive a land map where the property is located you can obtain it from the Land Registry in the municipality where the property is located.

In order to receive short statements of ownership and land map images in which loans and other defects will not be visible, you should visit the land registry web site which offers this free service. For this purpose you will have to enter the municipality and the house or plot number and the ownership details will be shown free of charge.

A transfer of legal title to real estate is not effective until the right of ownership has been registered in the Land Registry. Otherwise, the transfer is not valid. By law, the registration must be completed within 30 days from the date of the submission.

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