The culture of the Czech Republic

The culture of the Czech Republic
The Czech nation possesses a distinctive culture.  Their unique geographical position in the heart of Europe has invited influences from far and wide.

While speaking a Slavic language, the Czechs have been partly to western European political, economic, and social trends.

Family in the Czech Republic

Family is a key element of Czech Republic culture and is generally placed ahead of work. Traditional families here are with mothers cooking and raising the children while fathers work. Families take regular holidays together and like to visit Mediterranean beaches and Czech National Parks.

Importance of etiquette

When talking about culture of Czech the role of the etiquette should be mentioned. Czechs value well-mannered people and behaved children. The social greeting is number one custom in Czech Republic. Children are taught from an early age to say “Dobrý den” (good day) to almost everyone except friends and families. If you are planning to visit Czech Republic it is a good idea to learn at least this one phrase which will be much appreciated. It is also customary to give up your seat on the metro to an older person, pregnant woman or a small child. Czech Republic culture is definitely revolves around respect for elders.


Czechs are crazy about football and hockey. The national teams for both sports are well respected worldwide and always have a huge following locally. There are also football and hockey domestic leagues which are very popular.

Czech people enjoy lots of outdoor activities and sports. The Czech Republic is filled with well-marked tourist trails where you can ski, bike or walk. Spending holidays in various national parks is very popular.

One of the other national pastimes of Czech Republic is mushrooming. People hunt the forests for free mushroom every year. So, in the autumn you can see many Czechs with wicker baskets and rubber boots in the train. The mushrooms are stored for use in soups and meals all winter long.

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