Healthcare and emergency numbers in the Czech Republic

Healthcare and emergency numbers in the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has the best healthcare system among the new members of the European Union.

Emergency services in the Czech Republic are fast, reliable and available for everybody in need, regardless of insurance status.

Emergency numbers

In case of an emergency in the Czech Republic call 112 which is the general emergency number in the European Union. It should be used in case of serious emergencies only. As well as their native Czech, the operators also speak English and German. The number is free of charge. Whether the call is made from a fixed line or from a cell phone, the caller can be located precisely and a response team dispatched instantly.

The number can be used to reach the police, the fire department or emergency medical assistance. However, each service can be reached through separate numbers. These are 155 for medical emergencies, 150 for the fire department and 158 for the police.

Healthcare and emergency numbers in the Czech RepublicIf your medical need is not life-threatening but still serious, and there is no regular doctor available, you can contact your local on-call doctor. They are usually listed in local newspapers and sometimes make home visits. Otherwise you will have to go to their surgery.


In general, there are no vaccinations specifically needed when you go to the Czech Republic. However, since Czech authorities have reported an increase in the number of occurrences of Hepatitis A, it is recommended to be vaccinated against the disease. If you want to travel to forested areas it is recommended that you are aware of the dangers of tick borne encephalitis. Especially during the summer months there is a high risk of infection.

There are no recommended precautions concerning food and water in the Czech Republic. Tap water can usually be consumed without any problems. However, it is not uncommon for ageing plumbing systems in older houses to contaminate water supplies – in these circumstances you should avoid drinking tap water.

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