Dating tips in the Czech Republic

Dating tips in the Czech Republic

If you are going on a date in the Czech Republic, it is important to know how to behave. In different countries there are very different dating rules so it is important to know what to do especially if you are in a foreign country.


Except in very rare circumstances, a kiss, usually a peck on the cheek, is not only the norm, it is expected. Offering on your hand will make it seem a bit too business-like.

Bringing flowers

When going on the date in the Czech Republic, you should definitely bring flowers, if you are a guy of course. Remember that an odd number of flowers is required as an even number is only for the deceased. Apart from roses, which are a classic, tulips are popular too. One flower may be enough as even small gift is acceptable.

Who pays?

On the subject of paying, it is expected in the Czech Republic that men should pay. Equally expected are other types of courtesies such as taking coats and opening doors. When opening doors in the Czech Republic it is worth to be noted that when entering a restaurant, a man goes through the door first. Women leave first. If opening a door outward, a man opens it stands between and turns towards the woman or even goes first. So, you should act according to the situation as the woman’s comfort is more important than manners.


The Czech language is full of diminutives so don’t be afraid to use a variety of sweet words. Phrases like zlato, zlatka and zlaticko (honey, little honey and really little honey) don’t register the same romantic kick in English but will sound very cute in Czech. Of course, this applies if you are at least on the third date.

If you’ve made it through the early stages and even think about marriage you should know that in the Czech Republic it is expected that the man will ask. Once a guy has proposed, he is then expected to tell the woman’s parents over dinner.

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