Palace Gardens

Palace Gardens


The Palace Gardens are located in Prague on the southern slope under Prague Castle. These are some of the most beautiful the city of hundred spires has to offer. Here you can find elegant architecture, amazing fountains, winding stairways and the most spectacular views.


The gardens were created gradually from the Middle Ages until the 19th century. Palace Gardens include five most beautiful gardens that were renovated at great cost in recent years and connected into one harmonious whole. There was a unique space created spreading out over sloping terrain where you can relax and enjoy spectacular views.

Ledeburk Garden

The most famous of the five gardens is the Ledeburk Garden. Here you can enjoy a unique cultural experience in the form of many concerts which are held here. In the spring you should definitely visit the Small Palffy and Kolowrat Garden because there are lots of fruit trees which blossom beautifully each year. The Large Palffy Garden is on the other hand unique in its Baroque garden art with beautiful circular fountain. You also shouldn’t miss the Furstenberk Garden which was created on the site of a former vineyard. You can climb here the small tower at the top of the cascading terraces and you will see an amazing view.

Palace GardensThe gardens were established on the site of vineyards or Renaissance gardens attached to aristocratic palaces. The steep terrain has been refashioned into several terrace levels. The Palace Gardens are linked nowadays and their composition makes up a unique garden complex. All of the gardens have varied architectural decoration, decorative staircases, balustrades, lookout terraces and small pavilions.

The Palace Gardens date from the 17th and 18th centuries when they were created for the owners of the adjoining palaces. They were restored in the 1990s and contain a Renaissance loggia with frescoes of Pompeii and a baroque portal with sundial that catches the sunlight reflected off the water in a Triton fountain.


Location: Vadstejnske Namesti 4, Prague 118 00

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