Prague International Marathon

Prague International Marathon


The Prague Marathon (also known as Prague International Marathon and Volkswagen Prague Marathon) is held in Prague each May. It originated in 1995 and became internationally famous since then, being awarded IAAF Gold Label status. In June 1995 there were 958 runners taking part the marathon and the number grew to 4,000 ten years later, not to mention another 10,000 people who took part in other runs at this time as well.

About the Marathon

It is considered the world’s most international marathon which annually attracts runners coming from 55 different countries. Moreover, Prague’s marathon course is the seventh fastest and has been voted one of the most visually stunning in the world. This event takes place over a full weekend and comprises several events, such as the Hervis Prague Half Marathon, which was introduced four years after the Prague International Marathon and is held each March or April.

Main events

Other events include the Volkswagen Family Mini-marathon 4.2 km, the Allianz Eco Walk 2 km, or the In-line party 6.5 km – a skating event. Since its inception in 1995, the men’s race has been dominated by East African runners, with Kenyan athletes in particular. The women’s race has been dominated by Russian and Kenyan runners.

The Volkswagen Prague Marathon starts and finishes on the famous Old Town Square and takes you through all the different neighborhoods of the wonderful Prague. It takes place over a full weekend and comprises several events. The Volkswagen Prague Marathon includes traditional side events, such as the Marathon Music Festival, Sports Expo Fair and the short family Mini-marathon. It is exactly a tenth of the race, 4.2 km, and is intended for all who want to be part of the marathon but dare not go the whole marathon distance.

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