European Theater Night

European Theater Night
More than 80 theatres from 21 Czech cities have decided to join the project European Theatre Night.

What is this?

Theaters in Prague and several other Czech cities will be opened the same night as in other European countries. The event takes place the third Saturday in November as it always the case since 2008. At this night many theatres will stay opened to the visitors to experience countless theatrical experiences in a non-traditional way. The entrance to the most theaters is free but you should book your place in advance due to limited capacities.

What to expect?

There are performances held for children and adults, readings, workshops, seminars, concerts, film screenings and backstage tours. The program begins in the morning and will be focused especially for families with children. Theaters have prepared fairy tales, children’s games and experimental workshops for kids. The program for adults starts in the afternoon and it will be running until late night and in some areas until the early morning hours.

European Theater NightActivities will take place in large theaters and in small alternative spaces too, as well as on the street and in the metro station. So if your favourite theater or performance was fully booked, you should still come and enjoy the unusual experience.

The Czech Republic is the co-organizer partner country

Czech Republic joined the European Theatre Night as new co-organizer partner country with their Arts and Theatre Institute in Prague. The Institute organized and united Czech theatres and artistic organizations in order to provide a comprehensive range of services in the field of theater and individual services connected to other branches of the arts like music, literature, dance and visual arts.

The Arts and Theatre Institute is main coordinator of Czech theatres and is able to promote the event and provide necessary conditions for communication among participants.

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