Top Czech embankments

Top Czech embankments

Czech Republic and especially its capital – Prague, have made good use of their embankments. Nowadays they are lined up with cafes and restaurants and brimming with nightlife in warmer months.

Here is a list of the top embankments in Czech Republic.

  • Rasinovo Embankment. It is located on the right bank of the Vltava River between the Vysehrad tunnel and the Jirasek Bridge. There used to be only thin path on the site of today’s embankment whose northern part got its current appearance in the 1870s. The southern part starts from the Palacky’s Bridge and leading up to the Vysehrad tunnel. It was constructed at the beginning of the 20th Rasinovo Embankment is one of the best in Prague since it boasts two levels – the upper part is for cars and trams and the lower part is for pedestrians, joggers and cyclists and is located right by the river. The embankment is 950 meters long and is lined up with restaurants and cafes. It is also a home to the Prague Steamboat Company which makes it one of the places from where you can take a river cruise. Also the famous Dancing house is located near the embankment which is very suitable for travelers.


Location: Right bank of the Vltava River

Nearby sights:  the Palacký’s Bridge,  Vyšehrad tunnel,  Dancing House

Nearby hotels: La Ballerina, Hotel Matylda, Hotel Merlin

  • The Dvorak Embankment. It is located in the right bank of the Vltava River and is built during the redevelopment in 1904. The embankments gained its name from the one of the greatest Czech composers, Antonin Dvorak. It is 250 meters long. Nowadays by the Dvorak Embankment there is the biggest dock for the ships and steamers. The junction above the embankments is also one of the most important traffic hubs in the city.


Location: Right bank of the Vltava River

Nearby sights: Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad tunnel,  Dancing House

Nearby hotels: Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague, Pachtuv Palace, Hotel Leonardo Prague

  • The Masaryk Embankment. It stretches from the Jirasek Bridge to the National Theater. From the embankment you can get to Slovansky Island which is located nearby in the middle of Vltava River. The embankment is named after the first president of Czechoslovakia – Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, after the Velvet Revolution.


Location: Stretches from the Jirásek Bridge to the National Theater

Nearby sights:  Slovanský Island, Jirasek Square, National theater

Nearby hotels: Hotel Continental, SLAVIA, ADC Design Apartmány

  • Ales Embankment. It is situated right by the concert hall and gallery Rudolfinum so you will be surrounded by beautiful architecture and will have the spectacular view of Prague Castle.


Location: The Vltava River

Nearby sights: Rudolfinum, Prague Castle, Jewish Town

Nearby hotels: Grand Hotel Praha, Old Town Square, Ventana Hotel Prague

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