Getting Internet access in the Czech Republic

Getting Internet access in the Czech Republic
There is a large range of Internet Service Providers in the Czech Republic.

Choosing a network in the Czech Republic

As the network is modernized high speed connections become increasingly widespread, including wireless connections. When deciding which kind of connection you want you should consider how much and where you want to use the internet. If a reliable speed connection ADSL is not available in your area, wireless connections using high speed mobile networks are a good alternative. They can be used throughout the country, wherever network service is available. Be aware that there are sometimes access problems with wireless connection in the Czech Republic.


Another way of connecting to the internet is using a cable modem which is connected to the TV cable. As an advantage you do not need a phone connection. However, this service is only just beginning to become widely available in the Czech Republic. If you rarely use the internet, or simply have no other choice, you can use dial-up connections. They are easy to install and can be used with every regular phone connection.

Cable connection

If you decide to get a cable connection you will usually have to sign a two-year contract. Generally any equipment needed is included and there are very minimal or no installation charges. Most contracts don’t have any traffic limitation.

Wireless connections are available without contract. You just need to buy a PCMCIA card from a provider and then pay for every month you want to use the service. It is possible to freeze your service for some time. This is especially useful if you are not staying in the Czech Republic all year. Unfortunately, wireless connections in the country usually come with traffic limitations.

Numerous internet cafés are available in the Czech Republic. Their internet connection is very fast and they charge an hourly fee. It is not recommended to check sensitive data here, such as bank accounts, since there is always a chance that your personal information can be copied.

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