Hidden secrets of Prague

Hidden secrets of Prague

Visiting Prague

Prague is an amazing city to visit. There you will find cobbled squares, baroque palaces and breathtaking views. Instead of heading to popular tourist places, it will be much more interesting to visit hidden places of Prague.

  • Contemporary art. A dozen gigantic babies now crawl along the Žižkov TV Tower, Prague’s most conspicuous structure; a life-sized Sigmund Freud hangs by one hand from a pole sticking out from a roof high above the Old Town; and in the garden behind a west-side art gallery stand a colossal pair of splayed legs – visitors climb a ladder, wedge their heads where the sun doesn’t shine and enjoy a video of Czech politicians feeding each other slops, as We Are the Champions thunders from a colon-mounted speaker.
  • Pub-breweries. Since the 1990’s a scattering of small-scale pub-breweries have opened across Prague, reacquainting locals with a multifaceted beer that can be sometimes nutty, sometimes sweet, and sometimes very potent.
  • Czech wine. The residents of Prague have been raising grapes with alcoholic intent for over 1,000 years. And although Czech wine can hardly boast a lofty global reputation, there’s no better place to find out what you’ve been missing than at Viniční Altan, an elaborately trellised low-rise pagoda set in the grounds of a grand 19th-century villa. The terrace offers spectacular views over the city across the steeply pitched vineyards; grapes literally cascade onto your table, granting an opportunity to sample both raw material and end product.
  • Urban woodlands. Although it’s just a short tram ride from the center, Divoká Šárka hosts a free open-air theatre in late summer, but that aside, locals and visitors come here in search of soft recreational options: plenty of uphill hiking, then a high dive into the reservoir. Don’t be fooled by the tamer-looking swimming pool across the gorge, which is stream-fed and thus shudder-inducing in any weather.

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