Czech tax free shopping tips

Czech tax free shopping tips

If you are visiting the Czech Republic and make a lot of purchases you are able to get a refund.

Premier Tax free form

If you are purchasing goods in the country for personal export, ask in store for a Premier Tax Free form. Complete the form and have it signed by a store employee. Then, choose how to get your refund. You can choose the refund option that best suit your needs and travel schedule. The final refund will consist of the VAT total, minus an administration fee. In some cases, a cash refund fee may apply.

Applying for the cash refund

In order to apply for the cash refund at a city refund point you should present your Tax Free form and valid visa, MasterCard or Amex at a city refund point in the Czech Republic and get your refund in cash (a cash fee may apply). Then get your Tax Free export validated and return it to Premier Tax Free within 21 days. If you won’t do this it may result in a charge to your credit card of the full VAT amount.

Ways of receiving cash refund

You are also able to get your cash at the international refund point. The procedure is practically the same.

You can also get cash refund onto your credit card. Once your Tax Free form has been export validated, make sure the number of a valid credit card is written on it, and then send the form back to Premier Tax Free. Once your form is received the refund will be credited to your credit card.

There are plenty of Tax Free shopping opportunities with boutiques and malls across the Czech Republic. Make sure to visit cities like Prague, Brno and Olomouc. Browse the local and big brand stores of the city center and visit famous shopping malls. It is also a good idea to visit Plzen in western Bohemia which is another great place to shop.

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