Botanical Garden in Prague

Botanical Garden in Prague


Prague Botanical Garden is located on the right bank of the Vltava River near Troja Castle and the Prague Zoo and has an area of around 50 hectares. The most famous part of the Garden is the Fata Morgana greenhouse and it also includes an outdoor exhibition with the vineyards and Japanese gardens.

Fata Morgana

The tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana is a modern building with an unusual S-shaped layout embedded in a rocky terrain. It is divided into three thematic blocks. The first one is dedicated to dry tropical and subtropical plants. The second block is dedicated to the representatives from the territory of Australia and the last one is occupied by wet tropical rainforests. The naturally rugged surface of the rock that forms the back wall of the greenhouse is used here for planting plants. The interior of the greenhouse is divided into three separate parts with a different temperature and humidity. There is dry vegetation of the tropics and subtropics, lowland rain forest humid tropics and cool wet mountains.

The garden’s exhibitions

In the Garden you will also find different exhibitions, a tranquil Japanese meditation garden, a sloped section devoted to Mediterranean flora as well as wetland or forest habitats of Asia and North America.Botanical Garden in Prague There are also the Salabka and St. Claire’s vineyards located in the Prague Botanical Garden where you can enjoy great local wine. The vineyards here are included in the UNESCO Heritage Sites and remind of the past glory of Prague’s viniculture. At the display part of the vineyards there is an almost complete set of wine strains cultivated and officially acknowledged in Bohemia. You can also find a local wine store situated in St. Claire’s vineyard offering a wide selection of local wines for sale.


Location: Trojska 800/196, Prague 17100

Nearby sights: Prague Zoo, Toja Chateau, Trojsky Zamek

Nearby hotels: Park Inn Hotel Prague‎, Hotel Kampa Prague‎, Questenberk

Tel.: +420 234 148 111

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